Open Source

I enjoy working on Open Source projects in my free time. I find it appealing to give the community something back when I use the tools they work on in their very own free time and I like the idea to come in contact with many bright folks 🙂

These are the projects I am contributing to:

  • monotone – one of the first distributed version control systems. I was the release manager for a couple of years here, and was doing project management and a lot of coding. I stepped back from the responsibilities a little and commit more time to the other projects nowadays.
  • guitone – a Qt-based GUI for the above mentioned version control system. I started this project a couple of years ago; the work on this goes slowly, but steadily.
  • indefero – an Open Source Google Code clone. I am contributing to this project since mid-2010 and have stepped up as the release manager of the 1.1 series in the meantime. I implemented the monotone backend for indefero and do project management, bug fixing and new feature implementations for it nowadays.
  • MacPorts – I am maintaining a couple of software ports here, mainly monotone-related, but also some tools I missed badly before on Mac OS X.
  • openSUSE – One of my favourite desktop operating systems is openSUSE, so it was only natural that I started maintaining a couple of monotone-related rpms for this distro as well.

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