Michelle is dead. They found their dead body murdered only a few kilometers from where I live in a pond. Today at 12:30pm. She became only eight years old. (German source, Translation from Google.)

Michelle was missed since Monday after she did not return to home from hoard and was last seen with a man in the upper Lene-Voigt park, a place I go through almost every day with my son when I bring him to the kindergarden.

This strikes me very much. Its always bad news when young children get kidnapped and killed afterwards, but if this happens directly in your neighborhood and you’re having a small child yourself, this touches you even more. All the love and time you’ve invested – gone forever. And everything will remind you at home – the nursery of course, the toys which may lay around in some other room, the paintings you’ve got as a present, the kid’s food in the refrigerator, everything.

What would be my reaction if I was told that my little son was found dead, murdered? What would I do? I don’t know. I’d go mad, I’d scream. I’d try to find the guy who murdered him and kill him, for sure. But what if he’d never be found? Could I live with that? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Let me tell you that I feel very much for Michelle’s parents, and I probably cannot even imagine the pain they feel just right now and in the upcoming weeks, month and over the next years. I very much hope that I never have to go through this. I’ll try my best and promise to prepare my son for this cruel world as much as I can…