Hacking on the Train back Home

I’ve been in Hamburg today with two other colleques to show off a milestone of our current project at work. Since the customer was quite satisfied, I was in the mood and finished a short hack for the next guitone release: A node info panel. Here is the obligatory screenshot:

The panel shows a particular new monotone feature which just popped up in 0.41, but was implemented months ago on the Summit: Information in which revision a particular file or directory was created (“Added in”). People can click this and go straight to the revision selector in which they can retrieve more information about the revision, compare it with others and so on.

The panel probably needs some more polishing (i.e. I don’t know if the icons render so pretty in 64x64px on Windows and Linux as well, or if I have to downscale them to 32×32 there), but it should basically work.

I’m yet undecided if I should do another point release for guitone. Not much has changed since then, a few minor bugs have been fixed and preliminary encoding support has been added for the file diff dialog. My plan was to add support for the automate netsync commands in 0.9, but since they haven’t yet landed on mainline, it makes no sense to implement support for them on guitone’s side. (Thats the drawback if you have to implement stuff on monotone’s side yourself before you can actually continue with your main goal.)

But since I just got a note from Ulf Ochsenfahrt today that he built Ubuntu 8.04 debs of guitone I’m now egged enough to do finally finish the missing tests for the nvm.automate-netsync branch and get this hopefully implemented later on in guitone as well.

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