Holidays (Update)

I’ve finally managed to upload some pictures of our holidays in Sweden from September 2009. We’ve rented a small appartment nearby Malmk√∂ping, about 100km away from Stockholm – which we’ve (of course) visited as well.

Sweden impressed us all pretty much, I’ve never seen such a beautiful landscape in my life before. My little son has fallen in love with the equally young daughter of our host, named “Heather”, which he only met once, but constantly talked about later on. And finally my wife already starts to think about emigration while she’s looking for Swedish language courses…

In the end we all agreed that eight days Sweden is not much, probably way too less, and that we definitely want to come back again, even if it will not yet be forever. We’ve then spent the second part of our holidays in Hamburg and I’ll probably upload some pictures from there as well. I’m still speechless when I think of our visit in the “Miniaturwunderland”

Update: Here are the missing photos from our Hamburg visit.