guitone 1.0rc1 released

I’m proud to announce the immediate release of guitone-1.0rc1. This is the first release in a series of smaller releases which aims at the stabilization of the guitone codebase. Many (if not most) of the features one would consider needed for a “1.0” release have been implemented, a couple of outstanding bugs (noticable FS#39, FS#41 and
FS#42) have to get fixed beforehand though before that happens. Please test and report bugs if possible.

Outstanding news of this release:

  • Synchronization with other monotone nodes is no possible
  • Workspace action implementation almost feature-complete (add, drop, revert, rename, ignore, unignore and update finally work)
  • guitone can now create new monotone databases and setup new projects
  • Much improved key management with the ability to change the passphrase of keys, filter the key output and also drop keys
  • Many more bugfixes and smaller improvements as well as stabilization of the codebase

For a complete list of changes please check the NEWS file. I’ll try and prepare a Windows binary in the next couple of days, but probably won’t get to that before Wednesday, so if you want to help out, drop me
a note. A binary for Mac OS X should arrive shortly as well.