mtn support for indefero got merged

It took us quite a while, but Loic d’Anterroches finally merged my monotone support fork back into indefero. Its expected that the upcoming 1.1 release of indefero is the first release which ships with mtn support.

Most of the things I talked about in the earlier blog post have now been implemented, i.e. you are now able to use remote_stdio to access remote databases or databases behind an usher instance. Furthermore, a forge-level control panel for usher and monotone public key support have been added.

The documentation has also been improved, there is a separate README file which lets you get started and the documentation on the new IDF configuration variables is also exhaustive.

What is kind of missing right now are support scripts for the forge-level setup of monotone. I plan to add these and even more documentation when I set up monotone’s new home server in the next couple of weeks. Yes, you’re reading right, monotone gets a different address, a fancier bug tracker and also a nicer revision browser (thanks to indefero) and if everything goes right, we’ll even offer monotone hosting support for selected projects.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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