Monotone's new project forge officially online

I’m proud to announce that we’re almost done with one big entry in our TODO list for the ongoing server migration: Our indefero forge instance, a web-based project management software, is now set up and online under!

The forge contains several monotone-related projects, each with their own bug tracker, wiki, code browser and review module. Here is monotone’s one, and here the one for guitone. We’re planning to add more projects as the need arises and people demand them.

Each of the current and future setups also includes automatic access management for the underlying monotone repository which is served over usher – our proxy. Repositories can simply be accessed by their project name – so if you want to pull from the monotone repository, just trigger

$ mtn pull ‘mtn://*’

Please note that with the advent of indefero, the main bug tracker of the monotone project is no longer Savannah, but Indefero. All the of the existing open bugs have been imported into monotone’s indefero project, so Savannah’s bug tracker should no longer be used (we’ll leave it online for reference for a little longer, though).

So I said “almost done” – whats missing? A few things actually:

* automatic mirroring of selected repositories with the designated mirrors
* push notifications for IRC / mailing list updates
* a better visual integration into the rest of our setups

While the first two things are on Richard’s TODO list, the last one is on my own schedule, though I want to wait a little longer until indefero’s redesign is through (expected sometime this fall).

And finally, the indefero monotone plugin needed a couple of extensions to core monotone, which I’ll likely blog later about, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in hosting your own monotone-related project on our forge, just drop me a note.

Thanks for reading.