monotone 0.99 released (Updated)

**[Update]** Unfortunately some last minute changes make this release break on x86_64 – the issue has been fixed in the meantime, [the patch is available here]( My apologies, we’ll put out a new release shortly. **[/Update]**

We, the monotone developers, are very proud to release version 0.99
of our distributed version control system.

This release contains almost countless bug fixes, changes and new
features, so I’m listing only the outstanding ones here:

* Selectors have been overhauled to support the calculation of
common sets of revisions, like e.g. differences, ancestors,
parents or children of input revisions.

* Monotone’s URI syntax has been extended and is now the default
for all kinds of netsync actions (the old syntax remains available
until 2.0 though).

* All netsync commands now come with a “dry-run” mode which
shows incoming and outgoing changes, such as revisions and certs.

* The command line UI was cleaned up and improved a lot and now
supports negatable and completable options amongst other things.

* Many automate commands have been added and existing one improved.

* Monotone regained its manual page – automatically generated from
the command tree – which is also available localized through
the new ‘manpage’ command.

A complete list of changes is available in the [NEWS file](
The tarball can be [downloaded here](
– binaries are posted there as they come in.

Finally, this release also marks the beginning of a new version
numbering scheme, where we try to maintain stable versions up to a
certain point and add only non-breaking changes as minor releases.

The upcoming version 1.0 now is such a stable release, actually the
first one after more than 6 years of development. It will only contain
bug fixes and documentation improvements, but no additional new
features, and is planned in Q4 2010.

**Thank you all for your ongoing support!**

– on behalf of the monotone team.