The fuzzy cloud

Until now “the cloud” (the computing paradigm) was for me more or less a fuzzy defined hype I missed to really “see” the advantages of: I delegate infrastructure resources to some external “hoster” and pay for that, but I instantly got this nagging fear that I’ll loose full control over my resources and data when I’d do so.

While I am (unfortunately) not in the right business for experiencing and working with “the cloud” myself, I’m still very interested in learning about the possibilities and changes cloud computing introduces, especially from the development point of view.

Today I now stumbled upon [Adrian Cockcroft](’s outstanding [presentation]( in which he outlines how Netflix, the company he’s working for, introduced cloud-based services step by step as a replacement for traditional data center services and monolithic architectures. After reading through the roughly hundred slides I can say I’m much more confident to believe that all this *is* the right direction in the future, also (but not solely) because it forces us developers to write much more domain-independent, easy servicable, stripped down code.

So if you have 30 minutes for a very good introduction in practical cloud computing, I urge you to [go ahead and read the slides](