monotone activity roundup

If you remember my earlier post(s) you probably ask where the highly anticipated version _one dot zero_ remains. Originally we planned to release it by the end of 2010, but we couldn’t really meet that date because we really wanted to polish a couple of things before releasing it. So what is the new plan then?

Well, we agreed that we want to release not later than by the end of Q1 2011 and if you look at our [RoadMap]( you see that most stuff is already worked on, but you also see that we have quite a lot to do.

#### Core Monotone

Stephen did a great job over the last couple of weeks and reviewed our manual: He restructured the commands section, included many cross references, reworked and clarified many sections and purged old contents.

Richard, Stephen and Lapo worked on the wiki and tagged contents for certain user groups, i.e. users and developers. They also reviewed and cleaned up many pages which are often looked after and accessed. While all this is not quite finished yet, it already looks a bit better than before.

Richard and me fixed [a couple bugs]( that have been reported since 0.99. Right now the tracker looks more or less green with only two issues left open.

Beside the issues I’ve been working privately on the [source tree cleanup branch]( and got some help from Richard here as well. This branch basically moves tests and sources around and puts them into a proper directory structure, so we do not clutter the main directory with sources, documentation, utilities and other stuff. I hope I can finish this branch next – only some work on the documentation is missing – and can merge that soon to the trunk.

#### Tools

Three others news are not about monotone itself, but related to it: [usher](, [indefero]( and [guitone](

Richard is currently preparing usher’s sources for packaging. We learned a lot about a proper usher setup when we configured usher with indefero on our own server instance, [](, and while Richard used that knowledge to bring usher forward, I reworked the [sources]( and [documentation]( of the SyncMonotone plugin in indefero.

Beside that I’m also working on including a graphical branch view to guitone. Work has gotten somewhere already as you can imagine from the screenshot, but there are a couple of subleties to fix and clean before I’ll release that actually. Packaging this version will be kind-of fun; yesterday for example I stumbled upon a crash in libgvc after I moved the Graphviz libraries into the Mac OS X application bundle (which is needed for easy deployment), Windows packaging hasn’t even be started in this regard and I also need to investigate further if and how Graphviz’ Common Public License (CPL) allows me to distribute its binaries with my binaries at all.

#### Roundup

So you see we’re not lazy, but we all have so many things to do that it will just take a little longer. So stay tuned and thanks for your continued support!